BIRDERS BED & BREAKFAST - OAXACA COAST - Zona Ecologica , Costa Chica , MEXICO -- 

        On a hill above the warm blue Ocean , Mexican Pacific wilderness beaches & fishing towns of the "Zona Ecologica" of Oaxaca ~ near to both Puerto Escondido & Huatulco airports.  Some of the best warm water swimming in the world is found here just below our kind place where the sea-birds meet the forest-birds  between the giant sea turtle reserves of Mazunte and the dolphin of Zipolite. This is old Mexico at its best , abundant agricultural valleys , vast drylands-deciduous-tropical forest , 6 months green, six months dry. 

       The BB&B is a beautiful little restored country adobe homestead & palm roof house  for 2 or 3 people with an awesome vista of the  sea , in forest solitude , with friendly public transport & beautiful walks to the small villages of the coast. Well ventilated and clean , a peaceful & cozy room with adjacent kitchen , showers & bathroom. Twenty species of birds visit our birdbaths dayly - and we are within day-trip distance to great coastal bird refuges of Chacahua & the lagoons of Manialtepec where one can see the gorgeous "Mexican flamigo"=Roseated Spoonbill and many of the larger birds in abundance.

       The cost of the Bed & Breakfast is by donation, and comes with me as a knowledgeable guide, having lived & worked many years in Mexico & South America &  I'm a professional  cook , ready to prepare what you need or want. 

       Birds who frequent our hills are the giant Plumed Chacalaca, the green rainbow coloured minor questzal Mot Mot,  scarlet Cardinals , Yellow Winged Calandria Blackbirds , Tourquosie & gold finches , Trogans, 3 species of hummingbirds & many others. The seabirds include Crane , Blue Eagle Osprey, Scizzor Bird , Pelican, Dunlin. The array is marvelous at dawn & dusk and other friendly critters are here as well : Iguana, coastal Deer, Tigrillos.

Arrival - 

       It is a one hour 100$ flight from Mexico City to the Oaxacan coast airports of Huatulco or Puerto Escondido , and a one hour coastal bus or taxi jaunt from the airport to our homestead by the sea 

       For  travelers wishing to enjoy the journey we recommend taking the bus 5 hours from Mexico City to beautiful ancient Oaxaca City  &  then after a visit to the magnificent old markets and the town , continuing on by bus another half day to Potchutla  or Puerto Escondido, through the vast magnificent long-needled Pine forest of the Oaxacan highlands.

       We can meet your plane or bus at the Huatulco or Puerto Escondido or the Potchutla "Urban Van" or bus stations, and bring you quickly & easily to to our beachside home.  One can for example leave Santa Fe NM at dawn and be swimming in the ocean by sundown or arrive slowly having explored the wildlands of Oaxaca.

    I want to send out a clear message that these are safe travels - Bad things can happen to people anywhere especially if one is foolish , but Oaxaca is generally speaking a kind & hospitable place and one travels carefully but confidently . Tourists & travelers are mostly treated kindly with hopes of making a bit of needed livlihood from the exchange .

    Further , here in the Zona ecologica we have within a half hour bus ride ; the world famous Sea Turtle nesting grounds & living Museum , the Iguana refuge & nursury ( if you want to see dinasaurs look no further) The Ventanilla Crocodile nurseries & lagoon refuge - Schools of Dolphin cruise the coast , while frequent whale pass just beyond the bay - This is an excelant place for children to visit to really immerse yourselves in wonders of nature and a healthy & healing life style.

      The Oaxacan coast is an abundant small scale tropical agricultural region wherin grows many of the best fruits and vegetables anywhere plus seeds of pumpkin, sesame , peanuts, almond trees - all these for the famous moles and guisado spiced stews of Oaxaca - magic healing foods . And we have papaya , mango , lemon & orange , as well as guanabana, native corn & heritage tomatoe seed growing in our terraces.  We look forward to seeing the expression on your face while you eat truely ripe , organic, fresh fruit while hanging out in the fine oaxacan hand woven  hammocks , overlooking the power of peaceful   Seas. 

      Maximum stay 5 days -  After which if you care to continue on here on this magic healing coast ,  there are nearby wonderful hotels , yoga centers  & hostals .  Bien Venidos