-- PLEASE HELP US TO BUILD THESE PAGES as a living archive of the spontaneous cultural movement of All Species over the last 40 years . Let this page serve as beautiful meaningful connection between people however distant - living together within an Ethos of the Earth -

   There are now All Species Days & allspecies educational events being presented at any time of year around the world in many countries - All of them are autonomous , made by their own community ~ with a little help from our friends , curriculum .

   The following list is testimony to the strength of a good idea - There have now been uncountable "all-species" events ( a science phrase but carrying similar connotation & respect as the native american derivative  "All Our Relations" or the Bhuddist "All Sentient Beings " 

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San Fransisco - 1978 & 79   

   Since 1978 in San Fransisco when a group of people from Bolinas decided to theatrically represent various species in mask & costume to draw attention to the plight of endangered species - reinforced by the Reinhabitory Theater of Planet Drum Peter Berg & the press releases of "Ponderosa Pine" - Since then  many finely attuned instinctual community artists & citizen motivators have come forth in their communities to produce All Species Days , events & educational programs . - videos & photos of these events will be posted later in the summer of '13-

Santa Fe New Mexico                                                  

- 1979 - 90   &  2000 - 2007 -- produced by an array of theater people , puppeteers, educators, musicians, poets, and the youth of Santa fe in multiple public - studios = Started through the inspirational encouragement of the Poet Nanao Sakaki , together with CAW, Harold Littlebird , 

The first on our lists - Heartland was the second project after Santa Fe - Marty Kraft  &  Stan Slaughter - Kansas City MO-check them out at

Master of Corn Ceremonies

getting advise from modified scientist

all species.org

Arcata ,California   - perhaps the oldest ongoing Species event - A very humorous well-informed annual Species Parade with the North County Fair in the fall - great puppetry-on

                          You-Tube    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czEFEw_MpiA

During the  North & South Amercican BIOREGIONAL Congresses 1984 - 86  &  88 ,  96 , 2003  

Moscow, 1989 - Ist  International Native & Science Ecology Conference - All Species Processional 

San Lorenzo , Ecuador - 92-93 - with Afro-Ecuatoriana - Permacultura America Latina - 

Sarayacu, Ecuador - 95 - w/ the Village schools of Quechu,Sarayacu & Future Earth/Framtids Jorden 

Cayambe , Ecuador - 94  w/  Permacultura America Latina  &  Pinchincha Richarimui province school system 

Pucalpa Peru - Shipivo - San Fransisco - Village School  program with Fish Economy Pond Building project- of Permacultura America Latina 

Taos New Mexico - 2 years - Kate Woodall  with Local Schools  

Olympia, Washington )- perhaps the largest most developed , certainly a great one -   Known as the "Procession of All Species" ~These are perhaps the most advanced , biologically informed species puppeteers on Earth ( in there with Lion King - The puppet Maestra thereof  was proteje  of Peter Schuman -

Montpelier, Vermont ( ytube ) -- Janice Walrefen    videos at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ta1FPuon3E   & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZ8SLSKawl0

Brunwick ,Maine    Poet - Gary Lawless & Family 

Baton Rouge , Louisianna - produced an excelant available cartoon illustrated curriculum - by John Mcloed 

Philadelphia Pa - through Ellen Bernstein at - Shomrei Adama - 1990 major earth day all species youth parade for Philly - 

Cuzco ,Peru ,Valle Sagrado - through the Consejo Visiones - Bioregional Congress- final circle in which the condor really passes is awesome film -video-link

Pucon Chile -- with Lahuen Foundation & Ecole Hostal 

Goa,India - with Ponderosa Pine 

The Tibetan Refugee schools of Dharamsaala , India ( Produced by John & Cindy Mcleod- ) video /photo 

Upaya Zen , Center (vid from I movie)  Chris & Chalo 1998 with Joan Halifax 

25 major years of programs & events in Santa Fe NM ( multiple vid ) -- Johns vid - Las Vegas Cinder Road  Archives -

17 statewide programs in New Mexico  through" Temporary Aid to Needy Families" - John Mcleod photos - 

Halefors , Sweden - through Thomas Carlson & the Ecopilots of Nordens folk school based on Loon Birds  & the sale of the Swedish steel industry to China  

2001- Ecologia Y HipHop  Conference - Rio De Janeiro 

---- meanwhile this kind of puppetry in general deserves major props  - Bread & Puppet Theater - Re-progenitors of Giant Street Puppetry in Western World,

Heart of The Beast- Minnealpolis ,   Odins Teatret, Danmark , Welfare State International.Scotland

Teatro de los Andes, Bolivia  -- and the recent N. Carolina events ! Como se Llama ? More related Genre Events,  other cultural memes roaming the realms of  evolutionary symbiosis ?

recycled newspaper reconstituting a tree - brought in by youth groups -  3 day instalation -

worlds largest Rufus Hummingbird